Barcelona Parks and Gardens

Although Barcelona from the air looks like a sprawling metropolis, there are some wonderful green spaces to be enjoyed, and visiting some of the wonderful parks and gardens the city has to offer can make you feel like you're in a different city altogether.

Cuitadella Park

Cuitadella Parc is the garden of Barcelona, and the lung of the old town, giving fresh air from it's expanse of greenery and foliage. The city's zoo is also located here, but La Cuitadella is best visited on a Sunday, when you can stroll around the gardens, rowning lake, feed the ducks and geese and enjoy the Gaudi fountain accompanied by the rhythm of the bongo players.

Montjüic Mountain flanks Barcelona to one side, and you ca spend a great morning exploring the wonderful Botanical gardens here. There is a beautiful Japanese bridge and graceful waterfall with frogs and tadpoles to provide enjoyment for the kids. This is also a favourite picnic spot for families and couples. The cable car can also take you to the top of the mountain to visit the castle, and on the way back down to the Port, step into Cactus Park, which is a fascinating side step, and really a pleasant surprise.

Parc del Laberint in Horta


If classical gardens are your thing then you can do no wrong in visiting the Horta Maze in the north of the city. This is a fantastic Labryrinth of shubbery, immaculately kept and is actually great fun, and quite difficult to navigate!

Park G�ell Main Pla�a - image by

Perhaps the most famous park in Barcelona is Park Güell, designed by Antonin Gaudi. The park offers great views of Barcelona and is located in the north east of the city. Gaudi's vision was way ahead of his time, and the park also has UNESCO World Heritage Status and is well worth a visit.

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