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Paseo de Gracia is a very central street in Barcelona, filled with some of the most expensive and exclusive shops and boutiques in the city, as well as some of the best Tapas bars and restaurants that the Catalan Capital has to offer. The street also has 2 of the most famous addresses in Barcelona, too!

At Paseig de Gracia number 43 lies Gaudi's "Casa Batlló". This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of 9 which Barcelona boasts and is also very close to another - La Pedrera.

Casa Batlló is a slender building which has bone- like window frames and is distincively recognisable as a work by Gaudi. Perhaps the most recognisable part of the building is the rooftop. The tiled roof looks just like the scales of a dragon's back which, although this has never been confirmed, pays homage to the Patron Saint of Catalonia, Saint George (San Jordi). Casa Batlló looks amazing duting the day, and is also lit up spectacularly at night, too.

The original building was built between 1875 and 1877, and in 1900 the owner, Josep Battló Casanovas orignally planned on demolishing the building and re-building, but in 1904 decided on simply re-modelling it, employing Gaudi and the building constructor Josep Font to begin the work.

Gaudi famously directed his workers on the facade from the street, which the official website describes as "like throwing a stone into a pool of flowering water lillies" such is the detail of stained glass and sandstone.

Casa Batlló forms part of what is known as the "manzana de la discordia" or the block of discord which makes refernece to the contrasting architectural styles in that part of Eixample within such a small radius.

In 1985, UNESCO declared the Palau Güell as a World Heritage Site and the audio guided tour has only recently been introduced (last few years) making Casa Batlló one of the most visited attractions to the city. Casa Batlló is located on Paseo de Gracia with the corner of Carrer Aragó, just next to Paseo de Gracia Metro station (line 2 & 3).



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