Free Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona has some of the Europe's most interesting cultural sights and attractions and choosing what to see in a short visit can be tough. So what about if some of those were FREE?!

Barcelona Maritime Museum

Barcelona Museums have certain days of the month where free entrance is a great reason to brush up on a bit of culture, so here's a great way to start your planning!

Free Museums on the 1st Saturday of the Month

The Maritime Museum is located in the old Dockyards at the bottom end of Las Ramblas and is also part of the old city wall. This large museum space is a lot more interesting that it may sound, and as it's so central means that it's well worth a look in. The Museum also has an exhibition space with something completely non-related to anything Maritime and has a great outdoor cafe and bar to relax on a busy Saturday morning.

Just across Las Ramblas and into the Gothic Quarter is the City History Museum at Plaça del Rei (King's square), and is an underground museum with Roman ruins from the time that Barcelona was known as "Barcino" built atop the hill of Mons Taber. Underground chambers and corridors enlighten you to the amazing history of Barcelona with the hustle of Saturday shoppers silent beneath the ground.

Free Museums on the 1st Sunday of the Month

Up on Montjüic mountain is the Ethnological Museum, which opens it's doors free of charge on the first Sunday of each month. This has an incredibly large collection of cultural and historical artefacts and is great to combine with other sights in and around the area.

Across town in the El Borne neighbourhood, Pablo Picasso invites you to view some of his artwork and sculptures from his early days when he lived in Barcelona. Located on Carrer Montcada, the Picasso Museum is one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona, so be sure to get there early.

Barcelona Picasso Museum

Staying in the same neighbourhood and in the same street, the Textile Museum is also free to enter on the 1st sunday on the month, and shows the importance of textile in Catalonian history along with a great collection of fashion from as far back as the Baroque period.

Crossing over into the Cuitadella Park, you can also gain free entrance to the Geological Museum - the first building in Barcelona to be purpose built as a museum in 1888. This has many fossils as you would expect, but also replicas of minerals such as the biggest diamond in the world, and a fascinating dark area where light is shone through different gemstones.

Free Museums on the 1st Monday of the month

Not to be outdone with the free entrance is the Chocolate Museum on Carrer Comer´┐Ż, also in El Borne neighbourhood. This is part of the pastry school and has a breif history of chocolate as an introduction. However, the best part is the workshop with masters at their craft making chocolate models of anything and everything you can think of! Easter tradition in Catalonia means that children are not given eggs, but elaborate "monas" - anything from houses to your favourite cartoon character, and it's all on display here!

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