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Last minute offers HERE !! Apartments to sleep groups of 9 or 11 people. We reply immediately!!Send a request here OR SEND US AN EMAIL TO

c/Aurora, Ramblas, City Centre

  • 7 beds in total ( 3 double + 4 single- beds and sofabeds )
  • Air-conditioning and balcony
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Barcelona Old Town Apartment 1

c/Aurora, Ramblas, City Centre

  • Air-conditioning and Balcony
  • 6 beds in total ( including sofa beds )
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Barcelona Old Town Apartment 2

c/Aurora, Ramblas, City Centre

  • 6 beds in total (including sofa beds )
  • TV+Netflix+Wi-Fi / Balcony/ Air coniditioning
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Barcelona Old Town Apartment 4

Please note: for larger groups, consider combining apartments. For instance, old town ramblas apartments 1,2,3, and 4 are within very easy reach of each other. Please contact us should you require any further assistance planning your stay in Barcelona.

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