Our Policies


The client should leave the apartment clear of any rubbish and in a generally clean condition.

Changes in bookings:

In periods of high demand (Christmas, New Year, fairs and congresses, summer, bank holidays etc.) the following conditions apply:

  • Any lengthening of the original stay or change of arrival date will be modified and charged accordingly, on the condition of there being availability. The new prices will be sent by e-mail or telephone. In the same way, a minimum stay can be applied.
  • Any unauthorised increase in the number of guests which differs to that of the contract will be automatically charged to the client for the full occupancy this would be 45 Euros per night per person (from the returnable deposit or from the credit card) during the entire stay.

Damage to the apartment

Any damage to the apartment caused by the client (walls, furniture, utensils, electronic goods, loss of keys etc.) will be discounted from the damage deposit of 200 Euros given by the client on arrival. If this amount does not cover the damage caused, the client will be obliged to pay the difference. If keys are lost, the complete lock and all keys will be replaced using money from the deposit, this is for security of future clients.


We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance, to recuperate any cancellation due to circumstances beyond the control of both parties. All bookings are non-refundable.


All apartments have a minimum price up to 5 night stay, except if the apartment is available for 2 or 4 nights only, also minimum 6 or 7 nights prices minimum during holiday dates and special events.

  • Confirmation. Upon receipt of pre-payment, an email confirming the reservation will be sent, along with other information regarding the remaining balance, the apartment, details of how to find the street etc. and a contact telephone number
  • Arrival time. The client must advise as to the arrival time to Barcelona (e.g. flight time) upon receipt of the contract to allow the landlord to arrange the meeting at the apartment, exchange of keys etc. Check-in is at 14:00. Check-out is at 10.00am. We will try to accommodate the arrivals.
  • Once the client has arrived in Barcelona, they must call the landlord on the contact telephone number on the contract, to confirm arrival.
  • Late arrival fees: From 21.00h until 22:00h the charge is 30 Euros. From 22:00 to 00h, the charge will be 50 Euros
    Maximum check in at 00h.
  • The company does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damage, loss or injury to the guests or their belongings during their stay, either inside the apartment or outside.
  • KEYS to the apartment will only be given upon receipt of the balance and deposit in cash. If the client does not have the cash for any reason, this amount will be charged to their credit card.

House Rules

As a client, you are expected to respect the rules of out apartments that pertain to the apartment itself and the community it belongs to. The apartment is not to be used as a party space, but that of an accommodation for sleeping, eating, relaxing, etc. Please read these rules thoroughly to avoid any problems. Our main aim is to provide our clients with quality accommodation and a good experience in Barcelona. Parties are not allowed. It is strictly forbidden to have parties in the apartment.

  • All apartments are strictly no smoking.
  • It is forbidden to go out onto the balcony of your apartment after 22h and until 8h. Neighbours are disturbed by noise.
  • Please turn off the air-conditioning or lights if you leave the apartment; we try to keep prices low and would like to conserve energy.
  • Please do not leave rubbish in the apartment when you check out. Rubbish must be thrown out and put into the grey bins at the end of the street or in the respective bins that will be indicated to you upon arrival to your apartment. The refuse collectors come every night.
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