Privacy statement

In order to make a booking with BCN-Rentals you need to complete a booking form that we will direct you, once you have chosen the apartment, and have received confirmation that it is available. This booking form is protected by encryption and is a 100% secure method of transferring sensitive data, such as credit card information. You can check the authenticity of the certificate for our site, by clicking on the information on the same page.

During the booking process, we also need to collect personal information from you, which can include your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and any special requirements or personal information which will help us to make your booking. This information is treated in a very serious manner and is NOT stored in any kind of database, or passed onto third parties. We do, however, often have to pass on very small details, such as your name and occasionally a contact telephone number to our representatives who meet you at our apartments.

We take the privacy of our customers and our customer service very seriously indeed, and would never pass on any details to other parties unless it is essential for your booking.

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